Toy Cars (Mario Kart & Dodge Ram)

Hi Everyone,

It has been slow in regards to deals lately but spring is around the corner. I ended up finding some not bad deals on toy cars.

Mario Kart 6V $99@costco(In-Store)
Dodge Ram 12V $

Good Luck!


Michelin TireRack / Costco WeatherStation / Foscam IP Camera / Canon Laser Printer / Internal HD Antenna / Air Compressor

Hi Everyone,

Not sure why but all of a sudden some not bad deals have come up. Hope you find something I purchased a few myself 🙂

Michelin Wall Tire Rack $80@CanadianTire(In-Store)
If I had a garage I would definitely get these. They ensure your tires don’t get flat spots and out of the way.

Costco 3in1 Weather Station $20@costco(In-Store)
I ended up getting one of these and for the price you cannot go wrong. It would have been nice if it had smart phone access and a rain gauge but for $20 you cannot go wrong.

Foscam 9803 IP Camera $
I have these cameras and can attest to how well they work. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a high quality outdoor surveillance camera.

Canon MF4890 Laser Printer $
This is a very good printer at an excellent price.

Internal HD Antenna $
Not sure how good this antenna is but for $20 it is not a bad deal. If you don’t know by plugging this into your HDTV you can get between 15-40 HD channels depending your location free.

DC Air Compressor $7@CanadianTire(In-Store)
Not a bad deal on a compressor that everyone should have in there car for emergencies.

Good Luck!

Starfrit Food Storage / Belkin Apple Dock / Monster Power Centre / $20Off

Hi Everyone,

Some stuff worth looking at tonight.

Starfrit Lock & Lock Container 50% (use: LOCK50)
A very good deal if you like to keep your food storage organized. This is very good for rice and flour storage.

Belkin Charge & Sync $
Considering this is the price just for a apple cable it is a very good deal.

Monster HDP1800 Power Centre
If you have a decent home theatre this is something you should get. It keeps the power clean and ensures power surges don’t kill your equipment.

$20 Off $50
I find lacking but there is always something for someone on there.

Good Luck!

Blendtec Blender / HP OfficejetPrinter / Linksys Router / Speakerman Showerhead /

Hi Everyone,

As you can tell there has not been any super spectacular deals lately. The deals usually start in the next couple of months as companies update there products. Here are a few deals I managed to find today.

Blendtec TotalBlender $369@costco (In-Store)
Not a bad deal on a very good blender especially at this price.
HP Officejet Pro 8610 Printer $
An excellent deal on a decent printer
Linksys EA2700 $
Not the greatest of routers not a bad deal if you need one to extend the wifi range in your home
Speakerman S-2005 Showerhead $
If you ever had a really good shower at a hotel it was most likely with this showerhead.
Good Luck!

Staples Customer Appreciation Day & Asus Router

Hi Everyone,

Nothing super amazing but worth posting regardless.

Staples 10% off customer appreciate day@staples (In-Store Only)
If you need one of those items that never goes on sale such as Apple products now is the time to get it.  This sale is on January 30 & 31st only.

Asus RT-NR66 Router $ (refurbished)
This is an excellent router even if it is refurbished. It is very fast and has an excellent range. Best thing to do is get the $9 protection plan.

Good Luck!