25% Off Sports Check / 40% Off Reebok / $20 Off $100@Staples

Hi Everyone,

Sorry it has been a bit busy at work lately so I have not been able to look for any deals recently. In saying that I am hoping things will be less crazy and I can start posting deals as I find them. Here are a few good ones to get the blog started up again

25% Off SportCheck In-Store
If you need something from sports check now is the time to get it.

40% Off Reebok In-Store
Not a big Reebok fan but if you are this is an excellent time to stock up.

$20 Off $100 @staples.ca
Not the craziest of deals but if you need something worth checking out.

Good Luck!

Sherman William Paint Sale / BMO World Elite MasterCard / Drain Clog Trick

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for the long time between posts but there has not been anything worth posting. Below are some not  bad deals if you need them.
Sherman Williams Paints 40% Off In-Store
This is an excellent deal if you need to paint a room or your entire house. I recently painted a room and was very impressed with the paint quality
BMO World Elite Mastercard First year free and free 30,000 ($300) points
This is an amazing deal considering the fist year is waived and you get $300 in points. Also keep in mind that you also get access to VIP lounges.
Drain Clog Tool $3.99 @ homedepot.ca
This is not technically a deal but rather a trick that might save you money in the future. My shower drain was running very slow in the shower. I purchased this based on a tip on youtube and within 30sec I removed a rat sized hairball from the drain. Keep this in your back pocket in case you ever need it.
Good Luck!

Amazon FireTV to replace you existing XBMC(Kodi) Device

Hi Everyone,

Several months ago I recommend a device called MyGica for XBMC(Kodi). After using it for a while I have found that it does not play Netflix well at all. For those of you that have Apple TV’s now is the time to sell them and get a new device. The old APTV’s will no longer be supported on XBMC(Kodi),

The new device I recommend you get is the Amazon FireTV from the US. This unit is much faster and plays Netflix perfectly. Considering it is $99US it is also cheaper then the MyGica.

Once you get the device follow below link to get it setup.


Good Luck!
P.S. Sorry for the lack of posts but there has not been much to post about 😦

Name Change livingfrugal.ca / 25% Off Sport Check

Hi Everyone,

Over the next couple of months there will be some exciting things happening at shopfrugal.ca. In order to make room for this change I had to move this site to livingfrugal.ca. Going Forward please either use goodorgarbage.com or livingfrugal.ca

Tomorrow and Wednesday sportcheck will be having a friends and family sale of 25% off. If you need something from there now is the time to get it.  Link to deal!

Good Luck!

Citizen Altichron Watch / $100/20GB Internet For 1 Year

Hi Everyone,

Here is an excellent deal on a very nice watch. Also if you require a low cost cellular internet package it does not get better than $100/20GB.
Citizen Alitchron Eco-Drive Titanium
This is an excellent watch at an amazing price. It has a really large face and looks really good.
$100 For 20GB Of Data over 1 Year
A very good deal if you need cellular internet and don’t want to be locked into high fee’s.

Good Luck!

Michelin TireRack / Costco WeatherStation / Foscam IP Camera / Canon Laser Printer / Internal HD Antenna / Air Compressor

Hi Everyone,

Not sure why but all of a sudden some not bad deals have come up. Hope you find something I purchased a few myself 🙂

Michelin Wall Tire Rack $80@CanadianTire(In-Store)
If I had a garage I would definitely get these. They ensure your tires don’t get flat spots and out of the way.

Costco 3in1 Weather Station $20@costco(In-Store)
I ended up getting one of these and for the price you cannot go wrong. It would have been nice if it had smart phone access and a rain gauge but for $20 you cannot go wrong.

Foscam 9803 IP Camera $84@amazon.ca
I have these cameras and can attest to how well they work. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a high quality outdoor surveillance camera.

Canon MF4890 Laser Printer $150@canon.ca
This is a very good printer at an excellent price.

Internal HD Antenna $20@ncix.ca
Not sure how good this antenna is but for $20 it is not a bad deal. If you don’t know by plugging this into your HDTV you can get between 15-40 HD channels depending your location free.

DC Air Compressor $7@CanadianTire(In-Store)
Not a bad deal on a compressor that everyone should have in there car for emergencies.

Good Luck!