Michelin TireRack / Costco WeatherStation / Foscam IP Camera / Canon Laser Printer / Internal HD Antenna / Air Compressor

Hi Everyone,

Not sure why but all of a sudden some not bad deals have come up. Hope you find something I purchased a few myself 🙂

Michelin Wall Tire Rack $80@CanadianTire(In-Store)
If I had a garage I would definitely get these. They ensure your tires don’t get flat spots and out of the way.

Costco 3in1 Weather Station $20@costco(In-Store)
I ended up getting one of these and for the price you cannot go wrong. It would have been nice if it had smart phone access and a rain gauge but for $20 you cannot go wrong.

Foscam 9803 IP Camera $84@amazon.ca
I have these cameras and can attest to how well they work. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a high quality outdoor surveillance camera.

Canon MF4890 Laser Printer $150@canon.ca
This is a very good printer at an excellent price.

Internal HD Antenna $20@ncix.ca
Not sure how good this antenna is but for $20 it is not a bad deal. If you don’t know by plugging this into your HDTV you can get between 15-40 HD channels depending your location free.

DC Air Compressor $7@CanadianTire(In-Store)
Not a bad deal on a compressor that everyone should have in there car for emergencies.

Good Luck!


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