Starfrit Food Storage / Belkin Apple Dock / Monster Power Centre / $20Off

Hi Everyone,

Some stuff worth looking at tonight.

Starfrit Lock & Lock Container 50% (use: LOCK50)
A very good deal if you like to keep your food storage organized. This is very good for rice and flour storage.

Belkin Charge & Sync $
Considering this is the price just for a apple cable it is a very good deal.

Monster HDP1800 Power Centre
If you have a decent home theatre this is something you should get. It keeps the power clean and ensures power surges don’t kill your equipment.

$20 Off $50
I find lacking but there is always something for someone on there.

Good Luck!

Blendtec Blender / HP OfficejetPrinter / Linksys Router / Speakerman Showerhead /

Hi Everyone,

As you can tell there has not been any super spectacular deals lately. The deals usually start in the next couple of months as companies update there products. Here are a few deals I managed to find today.

Blendtec TotalBlender $369@costco (In-Store)
Not a bad deal on a very good blender especially at this price.
HP Officejet Pro 8610 Printer $
An excellent deal on a decent printer
Linksys EA2700 $
Not the greatest of routers not a bad deal if you need one to extend the wifi range in your home
Speakerman S-2005 Showerhead $
If you ever had a really good shower at a hotel it was most likely with this showerhead.
Good Luck!