Rechargeable Batteries / Sears $20 & $50 Off / Multimeter Kit / Flavoured Syrups / Boot Dryer / Lonely Planet Books / SlingBox

Hi Everyone,

Managed to find a few deals worth posting today. Hopefully one of the below deals works out for you.

Panasonic Rechargeable Batteries $
An excellent deal on a very good rechargeable battery set.

Sears $20 Off $100 and $50 Off $
Not a huge discount but something none the less.

Multimeter Kit $
Not a bad deal on a basic multimeter. In the end if your not an electrician or electrical engineer this one will do.

Amoretti Flavoured Syrups $6.90-$ 
(Use Coupon: AMOCAN50 or AMORETTI)
I love the taste just not the calories 🙂

Boot/Mitt Dryer $30@costco (In-Store)
Not a bad deal if you do a lot of skiing or outdoor sports.

Lonely Planet Travel Book 50%
I spent many years travelling and this was my go to travel books

SlingBox 350 $
This unit is an excellent deal if you cannot be without your TV. This basically streams your cable anywhere in the world to a PC or your portable device. Some people also use it to stream international TV from family back home. This has been made almost obsolete with XBMC devices but if you want reliable TV anywhere this is the device to use.

Good Luck!


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