Scanning Code Of Practice & You!

Hi Everyone,

I have been meaning to post this for a while now but figured I would do it during a day of no deals. Have you ever purchased something at the store to only find out when you got home or several days later that you over payed? Either accidental or deliberate it is one of those things that really annoys me and most likely you.

Most people do not know but there is something called the Scanning Code Of Practice that is out there to protect you as a consumer. Over the past years I have used this probably 20-30 times on purchases that did not scan properly.

The next time you are at the store look for the below image it should be within viewing distance at the checkout. Basically if you purchase something and the item scans higher then what was on the shelf or on a sign you get that item or 1 item for free up to $10. If the item is over $10 you get the first $10 off of one item.

Now that you have been informed please ensure you do not allow stores get away with “Mistakes” or “Errors”


Good Luck!


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