Kenneth Cole Leather Bag / Manfrotto Camera Bags / KitchenAid 4-Cup Coffee Maker / 3 Port HDMI Switcher / Breaker Bar & Torque Wrench

Hi Everyone,

It seems there was a lot if interest in my post yesterday. I will try and post more XBMC devices as I find ones that work well. Today I managed to find a few interesting deals I thought would be worth posting.

Kenneth Cole Leather Bag $
This looks like a good quality computer bag for work

Manfrotto Camera Bags (Bag 1) (Bag 2)
If you know about camera’s you know Manfrotto’s quality. These bags rarely go in sale so act quick considering there was 4 bags and only two are still available

KitchenAid 4-Cup Coffee Maker $
I don’t drink Coffee so I am not sure how well it makes it but KitchenAid products are usually pretty good

3-Port HMDI Switcher $
If you have a TV with only a few HDMI ports this is a cheap solution for you

Breaker Bar & Torque Wrench $80@Canadiantire (In-Store)
Not a bad deal if you change your own tires or plan to start

Good Luck!


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