MyGica (AppleTv/XBMC) Alternative $99

Hi Everyone,

For those of you that know me personally know that I think XBMC is one of the best applications ever made. XBMC works really well on Apple TV devices but only the 2nd generation worked (No longer made). There have been other devices made over the years but none have been that good. Several other users have tried the MyGica and have stated that XBMC works very well on it.

What is XBMC: XBMC is an application that runs on windows, linux and other operating systems. You then install add-ons to XBMC that allows you to stream tv shows, movies and music to your TV or Audio System.

CanadaComputers has the MyGica ATV582 on sale for $99 this week. Once you have purchased this device go online and learn how it instal the below plug-ins. I think you will find it is the best $99 you have spent in a long time.

MyGica ATV582 $
MyGica ATV380 $

Add-Ons that are worth downloading
ProjectFreeTv: Best add-on out there for TV Shows
1Channel: Best add-on for Movies
IceFilms: Most Convenient for both TV & Movies
Movie25: Best add-on for new movies

Example 1: How To Install Add-On’s
Example 2: How To Install Add-On’s

Good Luck!


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