Staples Customer Appreciation Day & Asus Router

Hi Everyone,

Nothing super amazing but worth posting regardless.

Staples 10% off customer appreciate day@staples (In-Store Only)
If you need one of those items that never goes on sale such as Apple products now is the time to get it.  This sale is on January 30 & 31st only.

Asus RT-NR66 Router $ (refurbished)
This is an excellent router even if it is refurbished. It is very fast and has an excellent range. Best thing to do is get the $9 protection plan.

Good Luck!

SnowBlower / Weather Station / Batteries / Outdoor Extension Cords

Hi Everyone,

Managed to find some ok deals tonight hopefully retailers will start decreasing prices but it looks like with the low dollar things are going to go up rather than down.
Poulan Pro Snow Blower $ (Use Coupon: save10)
Not a bad deal on a decent snowblower

Accurate Weather Station $ Coupon: save40)
Not an IP based unit but a good one if you are interested in having your own weather station.

30AA & 22AAA batteries for $14@canadiantire (In-Store only)
Very good deal on batteries

Outdoor extension cord 3-Pack $15@costco (In-Store Only)
I bought these last month at full price they are very good quality

Good Luck!

Rechargeable Batteries / Sears $20 & $50 Off / Multimeter Kit / Flavoured Syrups / Boot Dryer / Lonely Planet Books / SlingBox

Hi Everyone,

Managed to find a few deals worth posting today. Hopefully one of the below deals works out for you.

Panasonic Rechargeable Batteries $
An excellent deal on a very good rechargeable battery set.

Sears $20 Off $100 and $50 Off $
Not a huge discount but something none the less.

Multimeter Kit $
Not a bad deal on a basic multimeter. In the end if your not an electrician or electrical engineer this one will do.

Amoretti Flavoured Syrups $6.90-$ 
(Use Coupon: AMOCAN50 or AMORETTI)
I love the taste just not the calories 🙂

Boot/Mitt Dryer $30@costco (In-Store)
Not a bad deal if you do a lot of skiing or outdoor sports.

Lonely Planet Travel Book 50%
I spent many years travelling and this was my go to travel books

SlingBox 350 $
This unit is an excellent deal if you cannot be without your TV. This basically streams your cable anywhere in the world to a PC or your portable device. Some people also use it to stream international TV from family back home. This has been made almost obsolete with XBMC devices but if you want reliable TV anywhere this is the device to use.

Good Luck!

Omega Juicer / First Alert CO Alarm / Blood Pressure Machine


Well after watching Fat, Sick & Nearly dead I decided it is time to loose some weight and get healthy. It also perfect timing since we have a weight  loss challenge at work. If you know me you also know I do nothing half assessed and research things way to much. Well in the end I found that the Omega 350HD is the 3rd best juicer out there. I decided on getting the SlowStar instead for $360 (let me know if you want to know where).

If you want a good juicer with a very good warranty then the Omega 350HD is an excellent deal. All you need to do is sign up online for the bed bath & beyond newsletter and you will get a 20% off coupon for the below.
Omega 350HD juicer $320@bedbath&beyond

First Alert CO Alarm $
Not a bad deal on a plug in CO alarm with LED. If you don’t have one this is not a bad deal on one

Blood Pressure Monitor $
Do you have high blood pressure, low blood pressure or not sure. Here is the answer without heading to shoppers or the Drs

Good Luck!

Network Tester Kit / Lego Kit 650pcs / Pajar Sport Boots / Yoga Classes

Hi Everyone,

I did not forget about updating the site unfortunitly there has not been anything worth posting.  Below are a few deals I managed to find.

RJ45 Patch Tool & Network Tester $
This is not a bad deal if you are planning on patching some cables… (Use cabletools2015 free shipping)

Lego 650pc Kit $
If you have kids this is a good starter kit of Lego

Pajar Sport Boot $
If you can find your size these are excellent boots

Bikram Yoga Classes $
Maybe you will see me there 🙂

Good Luck!

Hot Deal Alert! Jamie Oliver Cookware $92 / Bike Hoist / Rubbermaid Shed

Hi Everyone,

Today I managed to find a super hot deal on the Jamie Oliver 12pc cookware set for $92 from $999. I have the t-fal non-stick version and they are very good. Keep in mind these do not have the non-stick so you need to cook accordingly!

Jamie Oliver 12pc Cookware Set $99@the bay
A very good cookware set at a very good price

Garage hanging bike rack $16@amazon
Very good deal if you need to hoist your bikes

Rubbermaid Outdoor Shed $160@amazon
A very good deal if you need a small storage shed

Good Luck!

iPhone Helicopter / KitchenAid CounterOven / KitchenAid Chopper / Marantz Receivers

Hi Everyone,

Not sure how this post will show up as this is my first post via the iPhone app. Below are some not bad deals that I managed to find.

iPhone Helicopter $30@ncix
Not a bad toy considering the price!

KitchenAid Counter Oven $60@sears
My wife has one not the same exact one but the same concept and loves it. Why have $3k ovens when you can use a $60 one 🙂

KitchenAid Chooper@amazon
A good deal for a decent mini chopper

Several Marantz receivers@gibbys
These are top of the line receivers receivers at a very good price. Keep in mind B-stock means refurbished but they come with a 1 year warranty!

5008 $399.99
6008 $529.99
7008 $799.99

Good Luck!

Scanning Code Of Practice & You!

Hi Everyone,

I have been meaning to post this for a while now but figured I would do it during a day of no deals. Have you ever purchased something at the store to only find out when you got home or several days later that you over payed? Either accidental or deliberate it is one of those things that really annoys me and most likely you.

Most people do not know but there is something called the Scanning Code Of Practice that is out there to protect you as a consumer. Over the past years I have used this probably 20-30 times on purchases that did not scan properly.

The next time you are at the store look for the below image it should be within viewing distance at the checkout. Basically if you purchase something and the item scans higher then what was on the shelf or on a sign you get that item or 1 item for free up to $10. If the item is over $10 you get the first $10 off of one item.

Now that you have been informed please ensure you do not allow stores get away with “Mistakes” or “Errors”


Good Luck!

Kenneth Cole Leather Bag / Manfrotto Camera Bags / KitchenAid 4-Cup Coffee Maker / 3 Port HDMI Switcher / Breaker Bar & Torque Wrench

Hi Everyone,

It seems there was a lot if interest in my post yesterday. I will try and post more XBMC devices as I find ones that work well. Today I managed to find a few interesting deals I thought would be worth posting.

Kenneth Cole Leather Bag $
This looks like a good quality computer bag for work

Manfrotto Camera Bags (Bag 1) (Bag 2)
If you know about camera’s you know Manfrotto’s quality. These bags rarely go in sale so act quick considering there was 4 bags and only two are still available

KitchenAid 4-Cup Coffee Maker $
I don’t drink Coffee so I am not sure how well it makes it but KitchenAid products are usually pretty good

3-Port HMDI Switcher $
If you have a TV with only a few HDMI ports this is a cheap solution for you

Breaker Bar & Torque Wrench $80@Canadiantire (In-Store)
Not a bad deal if you change your own tires or plan to start

Good Luck!

MyGica (AppleTv/XBMC) Alternative $99

Hi Everyone,

For those of you that know me personally know that I think XBMC is one of the best applications ever made. XBMC works really well on Apple TV devices but only the 2nd generation worked (No longer made). There have been other devices made over the years but none have been that good. Several other users have tried the MyGica and have stated that XBMC works very well on it.

What is XBMC: XBMC is an application that runs on windows, linux and other operating systems. You then install add-ons to XBMC that allows you to stream tv shows, movies and music to your TV or Audio System.

CanadaComputers has the MyGica ATV582 on sale for $99 this week. Once you have purchased this device go online and learn how it instal the below plug-ins. I think you will find it is the best $99 you have spent in a long time.

MyGica ATV582 $
MyGica ATV380 $

Add-Ons that are worth downloading
ProjectFreeTv: Best add-on out there for TV Shows
1Channel: Best add-on for Movies
IceFilms: Most Convenient for both TV & Movies
Movie25: Best add-on for new movies

Example 1: How To Install Add-On’s
Example 2: How To Install Add-On’s

Good Luck!