Buying a new car? Read the post below

Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately there has been nothing special the past couple of days. Since this is the case I have decided to post what I have found to be an effective way if buying a new car at the lowest possible price.

If you are a good negotiator
If this is the case then I would recommend you go to and find out the dealer invoice of the vehicle you are looking for. (it’s Free). If you feel you are a very good negotiator then add $500-$700 to that amount and see what you can do. If you are just an ok negotiator then send an email to the dealers in your area with the $500-$1000 and see who bites. Try and avoid paying those scam fee’s they add. You will know which ones these are when one dealer charges more then the other. unaggle also tells you the amount of extra fees your should be paying so use that as a guide as well.

Keep in mind this only works if they have the cars. If you are looking for a Toyota highlander for example then don’t expect anything beyond $1000 below MSRP.

If you are not a good negotiator
This is simple pick up the phone and call APA Toronto. They will get you the absolute best price for the $79 yearly fee no hassle, haggling or issues.

Good Luck!


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