Bose QC25 Headphones / Lexar 64G USB Drive / 75ft Network Cable / Nexus 7 / Muskoka Chair

Hi Everyone,

I was hoping to go out this year with one of those amazing deals. In the end thanks to Mike K we have a very good end of year deal. I wish you and your family health and happiness next year and hope to provide you even better deals in the year to come.

Bose QC25 Headphones
If your lucky enough to be a gold collector or know someone who is for 1600 points you can have one of the best noise cancelling headphones made. Thank you Mike K for this excellent deal!

Lexar 64G USB Drive $
This is an excellent deal on a decent sized trust worthy USB stick

75ft Network cable $
If you need a network cable at this length you will not find a better price even if you made it!

Nexus 7 16G $50@staples In-Store
If you managed to drop your phone in the toilet and cannot afford to get hosed by your provider this might be a good deal to hold you over. You will need to find a store with stock (Item: 215186)

Muskoka Chair $
A very good deal if you want or need some Muskoka chairs for this spring/summer.

Good Luck & Happy New Year!

Linksys Router / Little Tikes Sandbox / FitBit Scale / Rowenta Steamer / Logitech HD Webcam

Hi Everyone,

I hope you managed to find some good deals this boxing week. Here are the deals I managed to find tonight.

Linksys EA6300 Router $
This is an excellent router at an excellent price. I paid more for the same a few months ago and very happy with it.

Little Tikes Hidden Pirate Sandbox $
The kids will love you and so will the neighbourhood cats if you forget to close the lid!

Fitbit Scale $
Not sure if this is any good but if you have a fitbit might not be a bad deal. (Jason this one is for you!)

Rowenta Steamer $
If your like me you do not like to iron. This might be an alternative but I do not know how good it really is.

Logitech HD Webcam $
This is not a bad deal in a HD webcam if you need one.

Good Luck!

Lorex Security Camera / Microsoft Software / BBQ Cover / Zojiriushi Rice Cooker / KitchenAid Chopper / Blackberry Z30 / Google Chromecast

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and found some good deals during boxing day. I have been looking over the past two days and did not find anything that spectacular. If you managed to find something good let me know so that I can post and others can save 🙂

Here are the deals I managed to find today!

Lorex 8HD Camera Security System $
Not a bad deal for 8HD camera and 1TB DVR

Microsoft Software $ (Click on Don’t know program code)
If your company is eligible you might be entitled to receive Microsoft software for $11. Use your work or university email and see what your entitled to get

Heavy Duty BBQ cover $
This is an excellent cover if you leave your BBQ outside like I do in the winter. Almost the same price as the Costco one but this one seems a bit better

Zojirushi Rice Cooker $
One of the best rice cookers you can buy

Kitchen 3.5Cup Chopper $
An excellent deal on a decent chopper

Blackberry Z30 Unlocked $
Its a Blackberry you either like them or you don’t but for $250 unlocked it is not a bad deal

Google Chromecast $
Not sure why someone would want a device without XBMC but just in case

Good Luck! $40 off $99

Hi Everyone,

So close to Christmas there are not many deals but here is one worth mentioning. If you text Christmas to 370370 will send you a discount code for $40 off $99. This use to work on gift cards but it does not seem to work on them anymore.

Good Luck!

Marantz SR5008 Receiver / Adidas Jackets / Memory Sticks / AeroMexico $600 Various

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the late post but some items worth posting!

Marantz SR5008 Receiver $
Very good reciever at a steal!

Adidas Fleece Jackets $34.99@TheBay
Not a bad deal on a decent jacket

Kingston 32G Memory Stick $
Good deal on a decent size MS

Monster 32G Memory Stick $
Another decent size Memory stick at a good price.

AeroMexio Various Flight $
To all the below locations various dates until May. (Princess this one is for you!)

Santiago Chile (SCL)
Sao Paulo Brazil (GRU)
Rio de Janeiro Brazil (GIG)
Lima Peru (LIM)

Good Luck!

Hot Deal Alert Outdoor Wireless Speaker / CAR2GO / Logitech Remote / Linksys Router / GE Oven / 50ft Network Cable

Hi Everyone,

The other deals are so so but the speaker is smoking HOT!!

HOT!!!!!!! Acoustic Research Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker $39
This is an incredible deal. I got one and you should jump on this as well.

CAR2GO Free Lifetime Membership & 30Min
An excellent deal if you use a loaner from time to time.

Logitech Smart Controller $
If you are using two remotes to control your TV click on the link and save yourself any more carpel tunnel. I have had these for years and they are excellent,

Linksys EA6300 AC Router $
I have this exact one and it is excellent, Fast good range and for $39 can’t go wrong.

GE 30″ Gas Over $
This is a very good price if you need a Gas oven.

50ft Network Cable $5.95
Good deal on a long network cable.

Good Luck!

KitchenAid Food Processor / Toronto Zoo / Canon T5i SLR / Cargo Roof Bag

Hi Everyone,

Christmas is approaching and here are some not bad deals. Nothing hot but worth posting none the less.
Kitchenaid 9 cup food processor $
A good deal on a solid food processor
Toronto Zoo Family Membership $119@groupon
An excellent deal on something that never goes on sale
Canon T5i with 18-135 $
If you are in the market for an SLR this is a very good one at an excellent price.
Swiss Cargo Roof Bag $48@Lowes (Some Stores)
On the fence on this one but will be picking one up tomorrow to give it a try.
Good Luck!

Burberry Up To 50% Off / Macbook Air On Sale / 24x Duracell Batteries Cheap

Hi Everyone,

First off I would like to say thank you to all of you that have been watching this blog. This blog has gone from 1 or 2 users per day to over 30 new visits per day. Please help me expand this number by recommending this site to your friends and family as well as following this blog via email, facebook or twitter.

As for the deals nothing crazy today but a few worth posting.

Burberry Up To 50%
If you like Burberry but don’t like to pay full price this might be a good deal for you.

Macbook Air 13″ $
I am typing this post from the exact same Macbook Air. Nothing but good things to say about this amazing machine at a very good price.

24x Duracell Batteries $
Christmas is the time for using batteries so time to stock up.
Good Luck!