Black Friday Deals!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the late post but it has been a crazy day today. Here are the deals I found hopefully something works for you.
Sears S1 Stick Vacuum $
Very good deal on a portable quick around the house vacuum
Cole Haan 40% Off In-Store Only
Ladies time to shop šŸ™‚
GAP 50% Off
If you like The GAP now is the time to shop
Lablaws No Tax In-Store Only
Not a bad deal but usual happens several times a year already
Crate & Barrel 15% Off Phone & In-Store
Not the greatest discount but more then they usual offer
Up To 75% Off on some luggage@Thebay
Not a super deal as there regular prices seem to be 1000% inflated already.
Link to most of the deals currently happening
This is an excellent link to most of the deals happening at the major retailers.
Puma At Vaughn Mills 50-60% Off
Calling all Gino’s and Jina’s time to shop!
Good Luck !


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