Nespresso Maestria Black \ Canon LaserJect \ SportCheck Discounts

Hi Everyone,

Found a few good deals early so I figured I would post them. The Nespresso is a very good deal if you missed the last one. The printer is also a very good deal if you need to print a lot considering the toner size.
Nespresso Maestria Black $ (Use Code: caff350)
Very good deal on another Nespresso maker. This one is a bit more expensive then the umilk but it is a better model in a decent color.
Canon MF4770N Laser Printer $ (This is tomorrow morning!)
Very good price on a decent laser printer. If you want this I recommend you jump on it quickly tomorrow or else they will be all gone.
SportCheck Scratch & Save Event (In-store & on-line October 2 -5)
Starting Thursday Sportcheck is having there scratch and save event. Group that with the existing discounts & 10% off when you complete your first purchase you could be saving a lot of money.

Good Luck


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